Always prioritize your safety. If you want to clear this website from your browser history, follow the instructions below. 


Google Chrome

1. Clear Private Information on Google Chrome for Desktop
Click History. Select "Show Full History" at the bottom of the drop-down list. Here you can choose to clear all or some website visits. Once you have chosen what you want to clear by clicking the box on the left of each line, click "Delete" in the top right corner. When a pop-up appears to confirm deletion, click "Remove."


1. Clear private information
Click Tools. Select Clear Sensitive Data. Here you can choose to clear all or some parts. Crossing all boxes will also clear your passwords. Once you have chosen what you want to clear, click "Clear Now".

2. Do not save information
If you do not want the browser to remember which pages you have been using, click Tools. Select Settings, Privacy. Here you can uncheck the boxes that are ticked.

Internet Explorer

1. Clear private information
Click Tools. Field Remove Web History. Here you can delete everything, then passwords will disappear. You can also choose what you want to delete by clicking the buttons above Delete All.

2. Do not save information
Click Tools, select Internet Options, General. Click Settings under Web History. Type 0 at the bottom, under previously visited sites. In order not to save passwords and URLs: Click Tools, Internet Options, Content, Auto Add, Settings. Deselect the boxes and click OK.


1. Clear private information and do not save
Click History. Click Show All History to choose what to delete. To hide all tracks, select Clear History. You can not retrieve the information that is being deleted.

NOTE! Once you've cleared, it will not appear which pages you've visited. But it can be seen that history has been cleared.

2. Clear private information on Safari for mobile
Go to Settings and select Safari. Scroll to bottom and click "Clear History and Website Data." *Note: Clicking 'do not track' does not prevent tracking, and is not a safe way to hide your visits.